• Audit

    Statutory Audit

    Internal / Management Audit

    Concurrent/Performance Audit

    Tax Audit

    Information Systems Audit

    Advise on Company Law

  • Financial & Management Consultancy

    Systematic Project Identification

    Identification of technical collaboration, at home & abroad, and

    arrange know-how tie up and technology transfer

    Techno-economic feasibility study / Project Report

    Modernisation of unit / activity / process

    Diversification and Project Planning

    Working Capital Management appraisal

    Inventory/Material management

    Analysis, design and development of systems

    Rehabilitation & Modernisation of Sick Industries

    Personnel selection

  • Back Office Support Management

    Creation of off-site back office support

    Handling matters related to data processing e.g. e-TDS returns, payroll processing, forms processing, etc.

  • Computer Consultancy

    Computerisation planning and implementation

    Hardware selection

    System study, design and development of application areas

    Review of internal control in computer systems

    Internal audit in the computer environment

    Computer processing services

    Designing and conducting courses on computers and related areas

  • Taxation

    Advise on direct and indirect taxation e.g. Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Sales Tax and Excise matters for Corporate and Non-corporate sectors.

    Tax Planning

    Handling Assessment Proceedings

    Preparation and filing of appeal before Commissioner and Tribunal.

    Appear before Appellate Authorities

    Liaison with senior counsels.